An experience-led company specialising in the technical aspects of evidence-based medicine and health technology assessment.
Who are we?

At Delta Hat ($\hat{\delta}$) we are health economists and statisticians who provide support to the pharmaceutical industry. We focus on the technical aspects of evidence-based medicine and health technology assessment – from meta-analysis to cost-effectiveness modelling, and everything in between.

Why are we called Delta Hat?

The name of the company represents what we offer - in statistics Greek letters are commonly used to denote unknown parameters. The letter $\delta$ is commonly used to represent the difference. Placing a circumflex, ^, or ‘hat’ over a letter denotes the estimator of this value. Delta hat, $\hat{\delta}$, therefore means ‘estimated difference’.

Often in comparative effectiveness and health technology assessment this is the parameter we are trying to estimate – the added value of the new intervention. As the true value can never be observed (at best we conduct a trial to estimate this) further work is often needed to make robust estimates of the benefit of treatment. At $\hat{\delta}$, we have the skills to perform such analyses, with the experience to help understand the implications of the findings.

Please get in touch, as we are more than happy to talk through what solutions we might recommend and what services we may be able to offer.

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