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Anthony Hatswell, PhD CStat is a statistician & health economist with experience in both consultancy and the pharmaceutical industry. He holds an honory research position at UCL, and is a former NICE committee member with over 50 published papers. Anthony specialises in uncontrolled studies, utility data, and applied statistics


Ash Bullement, MSc is a health economist and statistician. He specialises in survival extrapolation & economic modelling with extensive experience in HTA. Previously he was a Senior Health Economist at a HEOR consultancy, with background in Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research


Darren Burns, PhD is a statistician and health economist with a broad range of skills. Darren has worked in a range of chronic, oncology and communicable disease areas, including the NICE antimicrobial de-linkage pilot. He has previous experience at another consultancy, working in both project delivery and R&D


Emma Hook, MSc is a health economist and statistician with a background in Mathematics and Medical Statistics. Her experience is in statistical analysis of outcome data using R, economic modelling within Excel, and the construction of HTA submission dossiers.


Hollie Wheat, BSc is a health economist and statistician, with a background in mathematics. Her current projects include meta-analysis, and economic modelling. She is currently enrolled part time on the University of Sheffield Health Economics and Decision Modelling (HEDM) masters degree


Jaesh Naik, MSc is a health economist with previous experience in consultancy, and a background in economics and decision modelling. He has extensive experience developing early, global, and HTA-ready economic models across a range of disease areas, as well as developing submission dossiers for UK HTA


Kurt Taylor, PhD is a statistician and previously worked as a Senior Research Associate in Medical Statistics and Health Data Science at the University of Bristol. Kurt has experience working with large epidemiological datasets using R in relation to population health.


Jessica Owen, MSc is a statistician, with a background in mathematics and medical statistics. She has experience in analysing registry and genomic data, and performing indirect comparisons, all using R. Past projects include analysis of patient-level data in a variety of diseases


Mark Edmondson-Jones, MSc CStat is a statistician, with extensive experience in industry, academia, and consultancy. His specialism is in the application of advanced methodologies - particularly extrapolation and predictive modelling. As a result he has has experience of a wide range of disease areas and drug mechanisms


Nick Latimer, Prof. is a Professor of Health Economics at the University of Sheffield. Nick’s research focuses on survival analysis in economic evaluations, and he’s authored four NICE Decision Support Unit technical support documents related to survival analysis, treatment switching, and partitioned survival models. He has been a member of NICE Technology Appraisal Committee B for 5 years.


Rachael Batteson, MSc is a health economist having previous experience in a number of consultancies, with a background in maths, data analysis and economic modelling. She has extensive experience in Excel modelling, as well as leading complex HTA work streams in a range of disease areas


Richard Kay, MSc is the business manager, with a background in sports development and the management of mass participation running events from rural events to city centre events to the Olympic Marathon. He has experience in entrepreneurship and marketing, including currently owning his own events businesses, as well as being a previous international athlete competing for Great Britain and England. Using his knowledge/experiences, he helps ensure the smooth functioning of our operation.


Simone Critchlow, MSc is a health economic analyst with approximately 10 years experience in consultancy. She has extensive experience in several forms of economic evaluation for different purposes including early value assessment, large scale global modelling and economic evaluation for HTA


Tommy Douglas, BSc is a statistician with a background in Mathematics and Statistics. He has experience in health-related statistical analysis and modelling using R. His current projects include utility analysis, using time to event data.


Will Sullivan, PhD is a health economist with experience across consultancy and academia, including research, lecturing and applied roles. Having left a Director post at another consultancy to join Delta Hat in 2021, Will has extensive experience in leading economic modelling for HTA

Will S

Will Battershill, MSc is an MSc Economics and Bachelor of Economics graduate with classroom experience analysing big data and applying econometric methods

Will B

Zoe Philips, PhD is a health economist with over 25 years experience as a senior leader in consultancy, academia and in the pharmaceutical industry. Her expertise relates to HTA strategy, critical appraisal, and the communication of modelling. She has published over 50 articles, including both methodological and applied studies