At Delta Hat we provide consultancy services to the pharmaceutical industry, act as a NICE EAG in collaboration with PenTAG at the University of Exeter, and provide statistical support to the SMC.

We produce high quality deliverables, and take pride in the communication of our work through submission dossiers, EAG reports, conference proceedings, and publications.

We offer a tailored service to each of clients by ensuring our teams have appropriate experience and time to complete the required tasks.

We encourage an open exchange of ideas and suggestions with a focus on pragmatic solutions, adapting our communication methods to best cater to our clients’ needs to meet project objectives. We have experience across a vast array of disease areas, ranging from haematology, oncology and chronic diseases through to CAR-T therapies and ultra-rare orphan indications.

Economic Modelling

We offer a range of modelling services including:

  • Cost effectiveness models (back of envelope models, early models (including tumour agnostic models, global models, HTA-focused models))
  • Budget-impact models
  • Technical and strategic model QC and validation
  • Advisory support with economic modelling

We encourage including a model conceptualisation step in our projects, as we find it to be incredibly valuable in the modelling process.

Health Technology Assessment

The Delta Hat team has extensive experience in HTA, collectively contributing to over 100 assessments through submission writing, modelling, provision of statistical analysis, post-submission support, advisory boards and other ad-hoc methodological and strategic support.

Primarily, we offer HTA submission support to the UK, including:

  • Advice to the overall submission strategy
  • Modelling for HTA
  • Implementation of statistical analyses for HTA
  • Economic submission dossier writing
  • Post-submission support
  • Mock appraisal meetings
  • Representation at appraisal meetings
  • Post HTA submission review and independent review

Statistical Data Analysis

Across the Delta Hat team, we have considerable knowledge and experience performing statistical analysis for economic modelling and HTA submissions including:

  • Survival analysis with both ‘standard’ parametric models and more complex flexible methods
  • Adjusting for treatment switching using cross-over analyses
  • Quality of life data analyses
  • Indirect treatment comparisons (particularly in the context of single-arm trial designs)

Advisory Work

We regularly provide support to clients through independent considered advice, including:

  • Economic advisory boards
  • Mock appraisal committee meetings
  • Strategic advice to address specific challenges that have arisen while developing HEOR evidence generation plans, economic analyses or HTA submissions

If you’d like any further information about the services we offer, please get in touch:

Key: EAG, external assessment group; HTA, health technology assessment; NICE, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence; PenTAG, Peninsula Technology Assessment Group; SMC, Scottish Medicines Consortium; UK, United Kingdom.